Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ear for Love: Woman Hidden Under Van Gogh Painting

Scientists using x-ray technology have unveiled the portrait of a woman under Vincent Van Gogh's rather cryptic 1887 "Patch of Grass" painting.

Could this be the brothel woman named Rachel to whom he gave his left ear lobe in 1888? Guess we'll never know...


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cindy Sheehan Submits Nominating Papers for Congress

If you can't beat 'em join them -- and today, July 29th, 2008, Cindy Sheehan did exactly that: she has submitted her nominating papers and is one step away from being on the ballot to beat Nancy "Plastic" Pelosi -- the supreme conservative "democrat" who does all she can to act like she's criticizing George Bushler without actually making him pay for his crimes.

Sheehan is that amazing woman and mother who became internationally known in 2005 for camping outside George Bushler's Texas ranch to protest his illegal war on Iraq after she lost her soldier son in the Iraq War.

Today, Sheehan submitted more than her required number of signatures to attain ballot status in California's 8th Congressional District -- the exact district Nancy Pelosi "represents." Remember, Cindy Sheehan is not from that district in California so in order to put herself on the California ballot she needed 10,198 signatures.

Sheehan is running as an Indepedent. It didn't take long for her to become disillusioned with the "democratic" party of which she used to be a member and in May 2007 she officially left the party when the "Democratic" controlled Congress -- in spite of everything -- voted to continue funding the Iraq War.

She started her independent campaign for Congress in July 2007 as a response to George Bushler's commutation of Scooter "Leaker" Libby's sentence for his involvement in the Valerie Plame scandal.

This woman is one of a kind and an example of how much is possible in America if people are informed enough and concerned enough to take action.

For any of you out there who live in San Francisco and want to elect a human and not a fraud to office, vote Cindy Sheehan on November 4th.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Karl Rove Citizen's Arrest Attempt in Iowa

(image source: -- Kirk Brown reading the Citizen's Arrest Complaint to Rove on July 25, 2008))

Karl Rove was almost arrested in Iowa this week when 4 Iowans attempted a citizen's arrest of him as he spoke at a Republican fundraiser in Des Moines.

The four individuals have been named as retired Methodist minister and Peace and Justice Advocate, Rev. Chet Guinn, 80, and 3 Des Moines Catholic Workers, Edward Bloomer, 61, Kirk Brown, 25, and Mona Shaw, 57.

All four were arrested for trespassing just long enough for Rove to finish up and leave and then released. But not before they read from this Citizen's Arrest Complaint in the case of the United States of America versus Karl Christian Rove.

The complaint charges Rove with
-Election Fraud
-Conspiracy to Commit Offense or Defraud the United States, for false information leading to the war in Iraq
-Treason, Sedition, and Subversive Activities (also related to Iraq, as well as the torture being committed at Guantanamo)

...the United States code is cited in each charge -- these people really did their homework.

This is the second attempt by Kirk Brown and Mona Shaw to perform a citizen's arrest of Rove -- the first time was in March 2008 when he was speaking at the University of Iowa.

This is a significant event which unfortunately has received insignificant press coverage in the United States media. Weak. Very weak. Rove has a long list of criminal activities, not the least of which is his considerable role in the Valerie Plame CIA-leak investigation. (click here for the Saccharinist Guide to the Plame CIA Leak Case.)

Fortunately, it is a positive trend toward citizen action -- more people need to be out there attempting citizen's arrests (what about George W. Bushler? Condosleezza Rice? Dickless Cheney? John Asscroft? Alberto Bongzales...the list is endless.)

More Americans need to undertake citizens' arrests of these criminals and unlike this Iowa case the legal system needs to actually support these legal actions by members of the public. Clearly, the United States has a great deal of obstacles in place for people who actually attempt to abide by the law.

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Edwards and Rielle: Beverly Hilton Security Guard Speaks

It is pretty obvious now that John Edwards was indeed sneaking around in the Beverly Hilton Hotel in the wee hours of the morning of Tuesday July 22, 2008.

The security guard who intervened between Edwards and the paparazzi who were chasing him has now confirmed a story that everyone in the United States media has known (but not discussed) since at least December 2007.

"What are they saying about me?" he asked during that fateful encounter Tuesday night.

"John Edwards cheated on his cancer stricken wife -- the mother of his 3 children -- and is the father of Rielle Hunter's baby." -- that's what they're saying Johnny.

And the chatter has only just begun.

It's a sad day in the American media when FOX news is the only corporation doing actual investigative work -- they are the only major news channel covering this story. In fact, some corporations, like the Los Angeles Times, have actually told their staff to keep away from this story.

Man, where's Larry Flynt and his adultery brigade when we need him? (Though Flynt failed to bring forward George W. Bush's mistresses.)

American investigative journalism is shoddy indeed. But at least we can say well done to the reporter who way back in 2007 discovered that Johnny boy Edwards gets $400 haircuts -- that was the first big sign that this guy is a few cuts short of genuine.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dropping Out: Cosponsorship Removals for HR 362 Iran Naval Blockade

One by one, congressmen are removing themselves as co-sponsors of HR 362 -- the bill designed to authorize a "naval blockade" i.e. a military action against Iran.

Today, Congressman Tom Allen of Maine removed his name as a co-sponsor and had this to say:

“I cosponsored H. Con. Res. 362 because I believe that the Iranian regime poses very real threats to stability in the region and that it is in our national security interest to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. However, there is language in this resolution that may imply Congressional approval of a blockade of Iran. I want to be perfectly clear about where I stand: I believe our nation should be engaging in tough diplomatic talks with Iran that will permanently dismantle that country's nuclear weapons program, and that sanctions should be part of that strategy. However, I do not support the idea of a blockade. Since the resolution has not been amended to address these concerns, yesterday, I removed my name as a cosponsor.”

Yesterday, Congressmen Steve Cohen of Tennessee removed his name.

And a few weeks ago, Congressman William Lacy Clay of Missouri removed his name.

Let's see which representative will be next to recognize that the American public doesn't want any more wars.


"Sticks and Carrots": Obama's Iran Plan

Barack Obama is going green with his method to approaching negotiations with Iran.

"If we show ourselves willing to talk and to offer carrots and sticks in order to deal with these pressing problems, and if Iran then rejects any overtures of that sort, it puts us in a stronger position to mobilize the international community to ratchet up the pressure on Iran," Obama said in Israel today.

Which reminds us, why is Iran policy repeatedly and continually dictated on political trips to Israel? Nicolas Sarcrazy has done it. Hitleretta from Germany has done it, Bushler did it.

If Obama wants to set apart his Iran strategy, may be he shouldn't have carried on the long and failed tradition of discussing relations with Iran in the very nation that, second to the US, has been most threatening to Iran.

Sounds like more of the same.

As for the sticks and carrots, apparently it's a (little known) idiom about rewarding good behavior (the carrots) and punishing bad behavior (the sticks). This once again positions the US as an international enforcer or some sort of judge, jury and executioner of the Middle East.

But the US won't get anywhere with Iran until they realize that Iranians don't take orders. Maybe we should send Obama to Tehrangeles for awhile so he can figure out who exactly he's dealing with.

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Vanity Fair Spoofs New Yorker Cover

Now this is funny because it's true.

Vanity Fair has spoofed the ridiculous New Yorker Cover of the Obamas, but unlike the New Yorker cover, it is an accurate portrayal of the facts of the McCains's lives.

John McCain is portrayed looking stooped over and aged.


Cindy McCain is portrayed wobbling around with prescription pills she admitted stealing from the charity she ran to help underprivileged children.


The frame in the oval office that contained a picture of Bin Laden on the New Yorker cover now contains the actual World #1 Terrorist: George W. Bushler, John McCain's frenemy du jour.


And instead of the US flag burning in the Oval Office fireplace, they have the US Constitution which, as is common knowledge, has been burnt to a crisp under the Bush presidency.


Well done Vanity Fair, you made fun of the New Yorker and sent a political message too: that the truths of these candidates' lives are far more amusing than the prejudiced half-truths.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

John Edwards and Rielle Hunter Love Child: July 2008 Update

(photo source: Daily Mail)

Certainly, the National Enquirer is not exactly a credible news source -- but from time to time they do actually invest in some actually reporting and get something right.

It won't be long before we find out for sure -- but it seems that good ol' John Edwards has a love child with a mistress whom he still visits. In fact, it seems he visited her in the wee hours of the night during a trip to Los Angeles just yesterday. Hmm, makes this December 2007 Enquirer story even more interesting.

Her name is Rielle Hunter and she was hired to produce videos for the Edwards political campaign. If the Enquirer proves right, Edwards will be paying her bill with a child support bonus.

Rhetorically, as always, one wonders why these politicians just can't keep it in their pants...oh yeah, it's cuz they're rich, they're powerful and they can get away with genocide (just ask George W. Bushler -- or his dad, or his friends, or...or...)

It's the oldest trick in the political book to oust a politician via his midnight trysting habits but it is fascinating that in this day and Internet age politicians still think they can get away with adultery. Guess it's just the hubris of power getting the best of these cretins.

McCain, as we all know, is an adulterer. So one could assume with some confidence that if Obama has kept it in his pants during his marriage and continues to do so until at least November 5, 2008 -- easier said than done, obviously -- he is on his way to the Presidency.

Meanwhile, let's see how the John Edwards show wraps this diaper up...

PS. Yes, the Saccharinist has deliberately abstained from commenting on the silliness of the official state talks between the US and Iran recently because -- ask most any Iranian and they'll tell you -- this is old news. Officials from the US government and the Islamic Republic of Iran government have been holding talks, meetings and tea parties since day one. This is only new news to the American public. Damn, there's a pattern here...

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jesse Jackson's N-word Rant Against Obama on Fox

Stick a fork in Jesse Jackson, cuz he's done.

Jesse "you are not a man because you can make a baby" Jackson has a sad history of not taking his own advice. And now he's crossed the line into the realm of plain fool.

It tu
rns out that that controversial FOX News recording of him whispering to Dr Reed V. Tuckson wasn't just a call for Barack Obama's castration, but also included a tidy little reference to another topic the Reverend Jackson has spent decades enforcing but not practicing: use of the n-word. (click here to watch a 2007 video of Jackson discussing use of the n-word.)

Yup, Jesse Jackson called Barack Obama a nigger. Well, Obama and every other African American out there. See, the original statement by FOX that Jackson had said Obama "talks down to black people...telling [black people] how to behave" was a paraphrasing of what Jackson really said -- not "black people" but "niggers." (Click here to see the uncut version of Jesse Jackson using the n-word on Fox.)

Ah! Nostalgia! It was only last year that Jackson accused Obama of "acting like he's white" because he didn't comment on the Jena 6 racial scandal. And here he goes using the very word that white slaveholders used to diminish and emasculate black men and women.

Smooth move, Jesse.

It is a godforsaken shame that this man of the cloth just cannot bring himself to practice what he preaches. But hey, that kind of comes with the cloth, doesn't it?

Still, the biggest crime Jackson has committed here is not that he attacked Obama's testicles or even that he went against his own rule of not using that insult of insults.

No, Jesse Jackson's biggest screw-up was that after a lifetime of being in the spotlight, he didn't have the brains or the common sense to know how to behave in a television studio. And that's the straw that breaks the camel's back for Jesse "frogeyes" Jackson.

He is now officially and globally stripped of any dignity he may have had remaining. Not that there was much left.

As the Saccharinist has said in the past, the black community is desperately lacking in a unified leader who instills dignity, cohesion, and pride on a national scale. Jesse Jackson is not that leader.

And neither is Barack Obama -- at least that's what this whole episode has concluded for Obama: that he is not a candidate for African Americans but a candidate for all Americans.

Another score for Obama and the legions of white Americans who might have voted against him because they thought he's the new Malcolm X. Well played indeed.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Ahmad Batebi Arrives in America

Little wonder that the US military is so aggressively protective of any images leaving in the hands of photojournalists -- one single image can alter the course of an agenda.

Just ask Ahmad Batebi.

This July 1999 cover photo on the Economist magazine changed his life forever. As a student protester in the '99 demos, he was in Tehran along with hundreds of thousands of other Iranians, demanding civil and human rights. Unfortunately for him, a Western-based photographer took this picture of him and the Economist published it -- already under arrest for participating in the demos, the publication of this picture only worsened his plight.

At the age of 21 he was sentenced to a 15 year term in the notorious Evin prison. The judge who sentenced him allegedly stated that "with this photo you have signed your own death sentence."

Batebi was tortured, then released, tortured then released, then tortured some more -- one of the lucky ones who wasn't actually tortured to death.

And irony of all ironies -- like so many thousands of victims of torture from around the world, he has landed in the United States. Yes, Ahmad Batebi -- a true hero of Iran's struggle for civil and human rights -- with much difficulty arrived in the United States nearly 2 weeks ago.

He has already been interviewed on the Persian language US State Department broadcaster, Voice of America (click here for YouTube videos of him in Persian) and the New York Times, amongst others.

But Batebi himself is eager to tell his story (click here for Ahmad Batebi's blog). He has declared that he used his cell phone camera to film his escape through Iraq (he was granted medical leave from prison since for many years he had not been given proper medical care following his torturings) and he wants to make a report of his escape for the world to see.

There are countless Iranians who have made supreme sacrifices to expose the human rights violations of the Islamic Republic government. Only a few names are known. Ahmad Batebi is one of them.

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Cover-up: Obama in the New Yorker

The latest issue of the New Yorker has created a minor stir amongst the less than 1% of the American population that even knows this magazine exists.

The cover includes 4 prominently offensive items...

1...a caricature of Obama dressed in that Kenyan attire from that photo he took in Kenya in local clothing which has been called "Muslim" clothing throughout the mainstream press in the United States. I guess Hassidic Jews, Buddhists, Catholic Cardinals, Hindu Gurus and an endless supply of other religious leaders should now be referred to as wearing "Muslim clothing" because they wear flowing robes and bulging headgear.

2...Michelle Obama curiously dressed in military gear and strapped with a Kalashnikov. Not to mention an outrageous depiction of a fro that completely contrasts with her straightened 'do, and shoulder pads circa 1985 which have nothing to do with the tailored and contemporary designs she is regularly seen wearing. American flag burning in their fireplace as both Barack and Michelle Obama stand in the Oval Office giving each other that 'scary' fist handshake that Black people do that scares non-Black people so much, cuz, you know, they all do it and the rest of the world just can't do it without looking very uncool.

4...a framed image of Bush family friend Osama bin Laden. Enough said.

Obviously, the cover is pure propaganda and was published with the intent to profit from some of the lies and misrepresentations that succeed in electing thieves, criminals, and other kinds of Bushes to high office in the United States.

The Ryan Lizza article that the cover image refers to is yet another attempt to discredit Obama's years as a community worker in the Chicago area. In the article, Lizza makes a pathetically bold attempt to make Obama out to be an opportunist, a dangerously goal-oriented individual, and a strategist. Opportunists, goals, and strategies oh my! We certainly wouldn't want such qualities in a President.

George W Bush's draft dodging in Alabama didn't get a fraction of the coverage that Obama's community service has gotten which makes you think: to get elected POTUS it is better to have violated the laws of the land and engaged in criminal activities than to have made an effort toward positive change in one's community.

Thanks for the tip limp Lizza, but we'd already figured that one out.

And as for you, New Yorker, nice try but your magazine is still irrelevant (which is why significant information in Seymour Hersch articles gets published within your pages instead of in the mainstream news where such information would actually affect the voting public of America) and the only thing you've succeeded in doing is filling in air time on Fox News.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Iran Smokes McCain on Cigarette Genocide Joke

Looks like that Shorty McCain thinks Americans find genocide funny.

Only July 9th, at a campaign rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, good ol' Shorty responded to a comment that US exports to Iran have increased tenfold during the Bushler presidency, including a rise in cigarette exports, by saying "Maybe that's a way of killing 'em."

Well done Shorty! You've opened the door to a great many possibilities now that you've confirmed that you are openly warmongering against Iran, that you take personal amusement in discussing the murder of Iranian people, and that you have no qualms about business contracts which openly contradict US policy toward supposedly dangerous nations like Iran.

Thus, McCain has added one more crime to the Bush Crime Family's violations -- just in time for Senator Kucinich's latest article of impeachment (Kucinich will be filing a new one on July 14th).

Bushler has made great efforts to threaten other nations who conduct business with Iran -- guess in the Bushler rule of books -- and the McCain one too -- rules only apply to the little people who don't dine with Bushler & Co. at Kennebunkport.

It has now come to light that not only did the US government look the other way on a tenfold increase in US exports to Iran but the US government itself has been one of the exporters -- US military equipment has been steadily exported to Iran under the Bushler regime.

Nice one Shorty! You've flashed the spotlight on US government business activities with blacklisted Iran and you've made a racist comment that allowed the Iranian foreign ministry to label you a "warmongering" "genocide" joker with a "disturbed state of mind".

"It is most evident that jokes about genocide will not be tolerated by Iranians or Americans," said the Iranian Foreign Ministry today. "McCain's crude remark on the indiscriminate killing of the Iranian nation not only testifies to his disturbed state of mind, but also to his warmongering approach to foreign policy."

Bomb, bomb, bomb, McCain got bombed...

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Obama: Condoleezza or King?

"When Obama is President, he'll make the changes he promised," said the DNC staffer. A friend of the Saccharinist received this response this week during an unsolicited call from a DNC donations volunteer. The question that was asked was "why did Obama vote 'yea' on FISA?"

The question was simple enough, the answer was anything but -- in fact, it's answers like these to votes like a 'yea' on FISA that are troubling. "He voted for FISA because he decided that it was important at the end of the day to protect Americans rather than the terrorists," the staffer continued. To "protect" Americans from what? The only invader under FISA is the US government itself which has now, thanks to Bush's immediate signing of the bill, been authorized to further invade Americans' privacy.

Democrats, liberals, progressives, free thinkers and informed citizens across America are worried today.

They are worried that they are this close to historically electing the first-ever African-American to office and they don't want to speak up in criticism against this candidate.

Obama knows that. The power that surged his candidacy knows that. And it's the easiest way to take advantage of good people who believe that someone who is an African-American, who has lived abroad, who has experienced hatred and division will have it in him to make a positive change toward peace and progress through the American presidency.

But don't forget the Condoleezza Rices of this world. Her own friend was one of the 4 Little Girls of Alabama.

Maybe Obama is who he says he is. Maybe he does want progress, he does want change. Maybe he truly is against the Iraq War, the Afghan War, an attack against Iran. Maybe he's the Martin Luther King, Jr. of a new generation of Americans ... Maybe... Maybe...

But at this point in time, just before the Democratic National Convention, just before a Vice Presidential running mate has been chosen, just before the War on Terror gets even more out of hand, just before Obama thinks he can get away with something like a 'yea' vote on FISA -- at this point in time the good people of the United States need to speak up and let Obama know what they want.

For those of you Democrats or Obama supporters who have been intimidated into keeping quiet, into not criticizing him -- you're digging yourselves deeper into the rut that someone like George W. Bushler was able to take advantage of. When Americans don't speak up, their government gets away with gas prices at nearly $5 a gallon, senseless wars, low-grade disaster cleanups like Katrina and a healthcare system that is rivalled by poor nations like Cuba.

Obama could be Condi or King -- the American public has to decide what they'll let him get away with. The time to make that decision is now more than ever.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

War on Iran: US Congress's Naval Blockade

In just a short while, and just under the noses of the American public, the US House of Representatives and the US Senate are due to vote on two resolutions that declare war on Iran. Yes 2 declarations of war against Iran are now in process in the US Congress and nobody is talking about it.

This has received insignificant coverage in the US media, and in the vast reaches of the media in Europe, Australia, South Africa or other "western" allied states.

In fact, the only news about Iran all over the US and British press in particular is news that Iran has tested missiles in its own Persian Gulf. What other sovereign nation in the world wouldn't step up its military exercizes after years of threats and last month's military exercizes in the region which the US government itself admitted were in preparation for an attack on Iran?

Worst of all, the American public has been kept in the dark about this next, horrific war that their tax dollars, their soldiers, and their gas money will pay for.

Both of these resolutions call for US Naval Blockades in the Persian Gulf's Strait of Hormuz -- for those of you who haven't figured out what that means, it is an authorization for US naval ships to congregate in a foreign body of water in an act of war. Against Iran.

Let's see how Obama votes on Senate Resolution 580, considering that he's in good company with hard-core Republicans for his vote on the soon-to-be law bill # HR 6304 which is a 'foreign surveillance act' that passed in Congress today. Obama's "yea" (curiously, Clinton voted "nay" and McCain decide not to vote) announces loud and clear that he doesn't have a problem with the terrorist tactics of the Bush administration against the American public -- at least when it comes to spying on them.

HR 6304 lets Bushler get away with various types of invasive tactics on American citizens -- such as wiretapping and other dangerous intrusions of civil and human rights. Just another sign that the Wart on Terror is still going strong...and that Obama is right on board.

There is no way the Bushler-Cheney regime will leave office without achieving the one goal they rigged an election to win: attacking Iran.

These two Iran war resolutions which, according to the few sources (almost all of them citizen journalists on the web) who have reported on the issue, are being fast-tracked through Congress are the next big step in the Bushler-Cheney regime's long-held effort toward destabilizing the most powerful country in that region.

Senate Resolution 580, entitled "A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate on preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability" has packaged its effort -- as always -- in the form of an immediate danger to the lives of Americans. Resolution 580 was introduced on June 2nd, 2008, and is sponsored by that bigot, Democrat Evan Bayh and as of July 6th, 2008, has 32 co-sponsors including 13 so-called Democrats.

House Resolution 362, entitled "Expressing the sense of Congress regarding the threat posed to international peace, stability in the Middle East, and the vital national security interests of the United States by Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons and regional hegemony, and for other purposes" also employs the nuclear weapon fear tactic and doesn't even bother to delineate the full intention of its purpose, merely adding that it is for all of the above mentioned fear tactics plus "other purposes". Fascinating workmanship. Resolution 362 is sponsored by Democrat Gary Ackerman, was introduced May 22nd, 2008, and already has 220 co-sponsors as of July 5th, 2008, including 102 so-called Democrats.

Because of the profound lack of information amongst the American public, the majority of which obtain information on their nation and their world from commercial news outlets, this tactic has proven successful since Woodrow Wilson convinced an anti-war public to join World War I after a few short months of propaganda.

Yes, these two massive declarations of war against the tax dollars, safety, and citizens of the United States are being sponsored by declared Democrats and are on their way to a vote -- all as the American public suffers the highest gas prices in history, a devastating mortgage crisis, massive poverty and infant mortality rates, a major economic recession, and a war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan that has proven to be an even greater disaster than the Vietnam war.

***Thanks for featuring this Saccharinist blog entry in your July 11, 2008, Blog-Round-up

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Barack McCain: On Track to the Presidency

For any Americans out there who still think progressive values have any hope of budding in the Corporate States of America, think again. Corporations are mini-dictatorships and not benevolent ones at that.

Yes, Barack Obama is half-black but he's all-conservative. Because he has to be to win.

Progressive politics -- human politics -- flickered in and out of the American way with Roosevelt and the New Deal and there we might consider thanking Eleanore Roosevelt for her existence on the world stage. Jimmy Carter didn't exist -- he was the short-term concession conservatives had to make to Americans after the media got out of hand and exposed them for who they are with Watergate and Vietnam. Hence, today's massive reign on the American media.

Today, within the top US media -- the most watched, listened to, and read media amongst Americans -- the only criticism of the US government is in the realm of comedy. The situation is so desperate that even the self-admitting idiot David Letterman has seized an opportunity to brave political opinions -- even if they are limited to addressing George W Bush's lack of intelligence.

See, 3 and a half years of Jimmy Carter and a half a year of negative campaigning
against "soft" politics (best known today as "efforts at negotiation, compromise, and
analysis") succeeded in convincing the malleable and deeply uninformed American public that fear, aggression, and invasive foreign policy are far more significant to
their lives than national healthcare, a living wage, education and social services.

The Clintons only reinforced centuries of standard US government policy: conservative ideology and practice through and through.

So don't be surprised that Obama is showing signs of being tougher on Iran.

Don't be surprised that Obama has hired the Clintonites Madeleine "collateral damage saves lives" Albright and Warren "bomb Iraq" Christopher as his national security kingpins.

Don't be surprised that we are constantly reminded of the Obamas' long held
religious values.

Don't be surprised that Obama is loosening his stance on a sustained and rapid removal of forces from Iraq -- that massive city within in a city that is the US Embassy compound in Baghdad was built to last way way past George W Bushler's reign.

Just don't be surprised. And don't keep yourself in the dark -- do some research of
your own and learn a little bit about American history. Inform yourself. Educate

The conservatives who founded this country back when the Puritans realized that wiping the Indians off the map would save them the hassle of negotiation have never lost their hold as CEO's of the most bountiful and well-run corporation in the world.

The "Republicans" as the conservatives are formally labeled these days (wrongly so, as most any Democrat in office will tell you) will not "lose" this election -- they've never lost an election -- their agenda has stayed in place since day one.

Amongst the conservative elite that run the US of A, there is no fear, no hesitancy, no worry that John McCain will lose the election. Come November 4th, 2008, you will find that Barack Obama has made the final necessary transformation to the ideal conservative candidate.

Right on schedule for the vast majority of Americans whose profound lack of
knowledge of their own lives and their own country dictates the misery of the vast majority of the world whose lives are run into the ground because of election day USA.

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