Monday, July 07, 2008

Barack McCain: On Track to the Presidency

For any Americans out there who still think progressive values have any hope of budding in the Corporate States of America, think again. Corporations are mini-dictatorships and not benevolent ones at that.

Yes, Barack Obama is half-black but he's all-conservative. Because he has to be to win.

Progressive politics -- human politics -- flickered in and out of the American way with Roosevelt and the New Deal and there we might consider thanking Eleanore Roosevelt for her existence on the world stage. Jimmy Carter didn't exist -- he was the short-term concession conservatives had to make to Americans after the media got out of hand and exposed them for who they are with Watergate and Vietnam. Hence, today's massive reign on the American media.

Today, within the top US media -- the most watched, listened to, and read media amongst Americans -- the only criticism of the US government is in the realm of comedy. The situation is so desperate that even the self-admitting idiot David Letterman has seized an opportunity to brave political opinions -- even if they are limited to addressing George W Bush's lack of intelligence.

See, 3 and a half years of Jimmy Carter and a half a year of negative campaigning
against "soft" politics (best known today as "efforts at negotiation, compromise, and
analysis") succeeded in convincing the malleable and deeply uninformed American public that fear, aggression, and invasive foreign policy are far more significant to
their lives than national healthcare, a living wage, education and social services.

The Clintons only reinforced centuries of standard US government policy: conservative ideology and practice through and through.

So don't be surprised that Obama is showing signs of being tougher on Iran.

Don't be surprised that Obama has hired the Clintonites Madeleine "collateral damage saves lives" Albright and Warren "bomb Iraq" Christopher as his national security kingpins.

Don't be surprised that we are constantly reminded of the Obamas' long held
religious values.

Don't be surprised that Obama is loosening his stance on a sustained and rapid removal of forces from Iraq -- that massive city within in a city that is the US Embassy compound in Baghdad was built to last way way past George W Bushler's reign.

Just don't be surprised. And don't keep yourself in the dark -- do some research of
your own and learn a little bit about American history. Inform yourself. Educate

The conservatives who founded this country back when the Puritans realized that wiping the Indians off the map would save them the hassle of negotiation have never lost their hold as CEO's of the most bountiful and well-run corporation in the world.

The "Republicans" as the conservatives are formally labeled these days (wrongly so, as most any Democrat in office will tell you) will not "lose" this election -- they've never lost an election -- their agenda has stayed in place since day one.

Amongst the conservative elite that run the US of A, there is no fear, no hesitancy, no worry that John McCain will lose the election. Come November 4th, 2008, you will find that Barack Obama has made the final necessary transformation to the ideal conservative candidate.

Right on schedule for the vast majority of Americans whose profound lack of
knowledge of their own lives and their own country dictates the misery of the vast majority of the world whose lives are run into the ground because of election day USA.

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