Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Iraq Veto Celebrates Anniversary

................................................................blindfolded Iraqis in Iraq: May 2, 2007
This week has been a whopper for Bushler & Co. First, the 4 year anniversary of Bushler's announcement of the end of combat operations -- also known as the beginning of the real Iraq War -- arrived. Then Bushler vetoed a bill that would end Iraq by the autum of 2008. Then, two of his corrupt cohorts -- Paul "The Cheater" Wolfowitz and Alberto "Gringo" Gonzales -- got away with political murder and continued to refuse resignation. And finally, Bushler's plan to decimate Iraq took full force as 4,000 US soldiers arrived in Iraq this week.

The question that boggles the mind, at this point, is not why inhumane, bigoted, self-serving world leaders continue to allow Bushler & Co. to get away with their crimes. No, the question is why the American public -- of which the American soldiers are comprised -- do not seem to notice or care that their President and his administration are criminals who have destroyed the US economy and any good standing that the US might have had prior to the Wart on Terror.

We'll not mention Iraq or Afghanistan or Darfur or any other utterly destructive international issues that Bushler has initiated or contributed greatly to because the American public is not yet at a stage where they realize that when their government is so ruthless to others, it is no less ruthless to them.

No, let's wonder how many Vietnams, how many Iraqs, how many Katrinas it takes for Americans to realize that they themselves are the biggest victims of their government's foreign policy. It is they who must pay more taxes, for these crimes. It is they who do not receive social care, for these crimes. It is they who remain ignorant, for these crimes. It is they who grow up in a society that does not teach empathy or humanity, for these crimes. Good luck America. When the dust settles on Iraq and the rebuilding once again commences, Iraqis, with their rich and passionate culture and strong family connections, will still be happier than you.

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