Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mexico City Legalizes Abortion for Americans

.........................Celebrations in Mexico City this week

Since this week's vote legalizing abortion, Mexico City -- a city state of its own -- is now officially ahead of the US -- at least on this crucial women's health issue. Doubtless, it's not just Mexicans who are relieved by this news: American women now have a viable and nearby option for their abortions, too. Which reminds me, is there any important political, health, economic, or environmental issue which George W. Bushler hasn't screwed up for America? Nope.

Of course, on the day of the vote local (and no doubt cross-border) anti-abortion protesters took to the streets to holler their cause. The Saccharinist continues to be amazed at the depth of funding available to save an unborn foetus from a life of neglect from parents who cannot care for it or worse do not want it, while so little is done in comparison to save actually born children who are suffering beyond belief.

Anti-abortion protesters should just be totally against contraception as well, if they intend to have at least some credibility for their position -- though that would just prove what is obvious here: that there is no logic to the premise that all children that can be born, should be born. If that were the case, then lots of boys (not to mention men) need to have their hands cuffed all day long so they won't destroy billions of opportunities for creation.

Maybe anti-abortion protesters should join forces with anti-porn protesters -- who knows what could be born of that marriage.