Tuesday, April 17, 2007

America Killing Itself

A student mourns at Virginia Tech on the night of the April 16, 2007 killings

When Michael Moore made "Bowling for Columbine" and "Farenheit 9-11" to show Americans -- that was his primary audience without a doubt -- that violent foreign policy, violent rhetoric from a President that aggressively and unethically forced and faked his way into office, violent video games explicitly used in US Army training to instill aggression and a lack of humanity in the young soldiers, and all the other small and large acceptable violence in the US and by the US are having a tangible and significant effect on the emotional state of America, many Americans called him a traitor.

Those same Americans continue to be duped by an administration that need not do more to prove what little regard it has for American life, let alone anyone else's.

What happened yesterday was the release of anger through retribution with violence -- exactly the type of thing that US foreign policy has extolled and paraded for decades. The Bushler Administration is doing exactly what his predecessors have done for so long -- it's just that he's been way less diplomatic about it, thereby making it easier for more people to see the obvious.

What exactly will it take for Americans to realize what is being done to them by their own government? -- because only then will they try to stop it from being done to others.

(for more on the Virginia Tech killings, see the Saccharinist here for more on the Virginia Tech gunman and here for the larger implications of US violence and foreign policy)

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