Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shaha Riza & the Big Bad Wolfowitz

Paul Wolfowitz didn't think things could get uglier than his mistress Shaha Riza (pictured above)...

It is astounding how massively dependent the Bush administration has been on traitors:

Condosleeza Rice -- An African-American who hates African-Americans

Alberto Gonzalez -- A Mexican American who hates Mexicans

Rudy Giuliani -- An Italian American who hates Italian Americans (and everybody else)

Saddam Hussein -- an Iraqi who hated Iraq

And now: Shaha Riza -- an Arab who hates Arabs, a Muslim who hates Muslims, a traitor who loves Paul Wolfowitz.


That's right! This sleazy old bag has been Paul Wolfowitz's side project (he's married) for several years now and even he claims she was the one who encouraged him to push for war in Iraq! Apparently, this hag has been working for decades to get to where she is: on her knees and advising Wolfie and the rest of the ballistic battallion in Washington how to destroy her homeland, country by country, people by people. Yup, Riza is a Mistress with a Mission. Nothing new there, except this she-devil is hellbent on destroying the Middle East, the land of her own people! I guess that's what years of living in Saudi Arabia do to a person. But heck, we've known for quite some time that the Saudis only have loyalties to the dollar.

And nobody would have given a care -- because in Washington, everybody's doing somebody on the side -- except that Wolfie stupidly gave Miz Riza a raise at her job at the World Bank and then had his underlings tell the Washington Post and New York Times that it was a Board decision, a charge the Board denies, even though it was clear and direct nepotism by the Wolfster himself.

And there's the rub: these criminals are apparently allowed to get away with genocide, violence, warmongering and all shades of inhumane and illegal activities but things all start trickling down just as soon as someone notices their unusually hefty bank accounts.

Anyway, this match made in hell has come to an end for Der Wolfler, so, as the Wonkette says: "For everyone who ever wanted to date a war criminal, this is probably your best chance now that Milosevic is dead." As for Riza, only one war criminal could possibly satiate her evil appetite: guess she'll have to take Kissinger up on his offer after all. Gerr-oossss!

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