Thursday, March 29, 2007

Telehost: Saccharinist in Urban Dictionary

Well, another landmark in Saccharinist history (there would, no doubt, be more if I bothered to actually make an effort to publicize this site beyond the handful of you who I've remembered to tell about it):

The Saccharinist has now officially been included in the Urban Dictionary for coining the term "telehost" -- check it out:

1. telehost

a television personality who seemingly performs the duties of a journalist but whose "interviews" involve condescending political attacks on non-Western leaders, and "serious" sit-downs with famous vacant personalities such as Britney Spears. A telehost is generally unintelligent, uninformed, has an agenda (instead of being impartial as a journalist should be), uses journalism as a means toward fame and fortune, and has no detectable journalistic integrity.

"Let's get the obvious out of the way on this one: Diane Sawyer is a low-grade telehost who has the intelligence of a doormat...

-- excerpt from The Saccharinist entry "Round 2: Ahmadinejad vs. Sawyer"

Examples include Diane Sawyer, Christiane Amanpour, Bill O'Reilly, and well, most of the idiots on American news channels.
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