Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hill Clinton: Big Brother's Nasty Sister

A lot of Americans want to see a female President in their lifetime, but somehow Hillary Clinton is more fem-bot than feminine.

Plus she's a Clinton and by now any self-respecting progressive knows this familiar conservative wolf in progressive lamb's guise. It is precisely the brand of highly conservative "liberalism" unveiled and pushed by the Clintons in the early 1990's which paved the warpath and missile-guided the way to that next level of conservatism -- the shameless kind -- that the Bush-Cheney league dropped on the face of humanity as we know it. In short, without conservative Clinton there never could have been blood-thirstily-conservative Bush.

And now you've got an America that is so conservative that it's run by self-hating sadists who are so fundamentally engrossed in their own dogma that they can't see they've become exactly the thing they despise the most: aggressively desperate followers of an ancient Middle Eastern religion whose core values are hard pressed to meet the living standards of 1500 years ago, let alone today. That's right, Americans are fundos without a cause.

Who knows who Barack Obama really is -- and who cares? he'd do no better than any fool who got his or her hands on the apex of human governmental power as we know it today -- but what he is, we do know: a more than amusing threat to an election that was previously a Clinton stronghold.

Behold this YouTube ad characterizing Hill Clinton as 1984's Big Brother -- the guy who made the ad has been -- with 3rd-cousin-removed intimacy, no less -- related to the Obama campaign and outed as a practitioner of dirty-tricks politicking. Whatever. The ad is hilarious and dude's got talent. Besides, who on this planet ever said politics isn't dirty? I thought so.