Saturday, January 13, 2007

Killing America's Families

Hello America! As you stand idly by while your government destroys the world, spreading hate and tumult everywhere its dirty wars are implemented, your own public is suffering.

Yup, in this, the US government's Grand Week of Insulting Lies, in addition to

--attacks on Iranian interests in Iraq (not to mention in Iran itself, but nobody seems to cover that),

--Bushler's pathetic speech about how the war in Iraq is going so great he needs 21,000 more troops to even try making it out,

--Condosleazea Vice's embarrassing appearance at Congress where even her personal life (i.e. the entire lack of it) was fair game to senators (Barbara Boxer mentioned that Sleazy's got nothing to lose if more troops are sent to Iraq -- she doesn't have any children, let alone a partner),

--Senator Hilary Clinton's ridiculous appearance in the very Iraq for whom she sanctioned a war nearly 4 years ago where she denounced Bushler's troop increase in Iraq but demanded even more troops in Afghanistan (yeah! did you forget? Americans are over there guarding future energy pipelines and dodging Taliban rockets along the way)

--and the introduction (finally) of a climate of perceptible (though still incomprehensibly impotent) antagoniam toward the Bushler Iraq situation where even Republican members of Congress were feeling comfortable enough to accuse the government of its failures in Iraq (though Senator McCain showed his true colors to any fool who hadn't already seen them by siding with Bushler's plan and troop increase),

the biggest shot to the American public was the Pentagon's announcement that there will no longer be a time limit on active-duty National Guard (remember? those were the guys that took 5 days to make their way to New Orleans after Katrina hit -- somehow, they manage to get to Iraq in far less than that. Go figure.), and Army National Reserves men and women.

Don't you see that America? It's only a matter of time before military service will be mandatory in the US. Good luck America, while your eyes are closed, your country is being cleverly snatched away from you by your very own government. Yee-haw!

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