Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pesos for Peace

This week, the greatest evidence to date of the biggest creeping revolution in the world came to the surface: a pizza chain in Texas, USA has announced that it will be accepting pesos in addition to dollars.

Trivial you say? Hardly. It's a clear indication of the only cure for American hegemony: balancing out White English ancestral power. America may be a land of immigrants but it's a world of conformity to what remain English Protestant values, attitudes and customs. Though all of that has taken a healthy turn -- for the first time ever in American history -- for change. What was the catalyst for this reversal of over two centuries of racist, prejudiced culture? The events of and after September 11, 2001.

That's right, in its efforts to cohese Americans into a patriotic fervor, Bushler's administration has convinced more and more Americans that their heritage is something value, something they'd been denied for far too long, something they now want to embrace. Italian-Americans are taking their children to Italian language lessons, sending them abroad to study in Italy. African-Americans are introducing their youth to the vibrance of African culture, language and life. Anything-Americans are suddenly and passionately taking an interest in a past that their parents, grandparents and ancestors were forced to forget in order to live comfortably in the United States.

Yes, America is only now becoming a cultural melting pot and the Hispanics, mainly the Mexicans, are doing the most to make this statement loud and clear.

Bravo to the Pizza Patron for paving this peso path to world peace. Muchas Gracias!!

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