Sunday, December 17, 2006

The BBC Foreign Service Strikes Again

The BBC -- a well-known supporter of and at least once in Iran's history a direct and actual instigator of antidemocratic efforts in Iran (nobody can ever forget the Mossadegh coup) -- has today, again, shown its true alliance in the battle to save Iran from corruption and imperialism: right down there with the criminals themselves. The BBC's outright support of Rafsanjani -- most obviously perpetrated through the excessive column inches they afford to this known anti-Iran agent -- was back in full stride today to record Rafsanjani's election "win" in elections to the Assembly of Experts. As usual, the BBC is referring to Rafsanjani as a "reformist" which, as we all know is code for "one who is weak and collaborates with established powers in Iran and the West by claiming that Islam is compatible with modern democracy" -- this is as opposed to those who are against clerical rule in any form, and who truly wish Iran to have an actual democracy that has separation of mosque and state.

That's right, Rafsanjani, this thief and corruption warlord lost the 2005 Presidency, but gained something better and with actual power: entrance to a top government body that advises the Supreme Spiritual Leader (aka. the Supreme Feeder) in his inhumane activities against Iran and Iranian interests.

For the record, Rafsanjani is and has been for the last 30 years one of the West's (i.e. the UK and US's) top representative for their interests in Iran -- interests which always have and will be completely contradictory to the well-being of Iran and Iranians. For its part, the US has been less careful in recent years to hide this relationship, most recently manifested in USA Today's bizarre campaign coverage of Rafsanjani during the 2005 election in which they did numerous profiles and news stories extolling a guy most Americans could care less about.

As most Iranians have come to learn in the last 30 years, the mullahs have no difficulty in taking sides against Iran and Iranians because they do not in fact have any allegiance to Iran: their primary allegiance has and always will be to any benefactor which keeps them funded and continues their existence. The vast majority of the Iranian people have never been the primary or even secondary benefactors to the clergy -- it has always been the wealthy or the elite, including the monarchy and foreigners with interests in Iran.

The BBC World Service is the BBC branch in charge of "media management" throughout the world. For example, the BBC Persian Service has, just as its counterpart in the US through the Voice of America (and its most recent manifestation in Radio Farda), always been an arm of the Foreign Ministry.The various international languages in which the BBC broadcasts are essentially tools for communicating British government propaganda to people throughout the world -- but it's not as straightforward as that. The propaganda is not always overt and is mainly achieved over time as people come to turn to the BBC because their own state media is insufficient, outwardly biased or non-existent (in almost all cases the reason for this weak media is that British, and now US, backed leadership in most of these nations has deterred democratic efforts in these countries.

The BBC Foreign Service, as it should be called, is a media operation set up with the explicit aim of conveying two critical propaganda to Iranians (and other nationalities): the idea that the "West" is a wonderful haven of democratic value and freedom of expression, unlike their countries AND that the false idea that the "West" is doing everything it can to improve these nations.

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