Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blair the Bigot Strikes Again

In today's installation of Hypocritic Rhetoric from the Former British Empire, we offer the following: Tony Blair's hollow statements about Iran-as-threat.

"Iran poses a major strategic threat to the cohesion of the entire region," Mr Bliar Bliar Pants on Fire humorously overexerted himself today.

Let's reverse the ridiculousness of this scenario into the following: Iran stating the British pose a major strategic threat to Europe. Hmm... actually, that does make sense. The British have indeed done everything they can to destabilize any sense of equilibrium in Europe -- just look at their refusal to adopt the Euro. Just look at the hate politics they have spread in the region -- and don't just count the British monarchy and establishment's open support of the Nazis or their anti-immigration rhetoric that comes not only from racist political parties like the British National Party, but also from Labour, and of course the Tories. Just look at their "coalition against terror" which consisted of them, the former President of Italy (a tried criminal), and a Nazi sympathizer over in Germany. Just look and see.

Iran has posed far less a threat to the Middle East or any other region than Britain always has. The daily death, destruction, human rights violations, torture and countless crimes committed in the Middle East are a direct and unbelievably unprosecuted result of British interference, manipulation, and war in that region.

The fact that Blair would make such a comment in the context of his antagonization of the Holocaust conference happening in Iran today openly demonstrates the opportunism and valueless intentions he has: if Blair had even a measureable amount of regard for human rights, he and his government wouldn't have been doing business with Iran for all these years even as it continues to be one of the most human-rights-deficient governments in the world. Neither Blair, nor any other world leader for that matter, has ever condemned Iran for its severe deficiency in recognizing human rights. Someone who cares for only some people's rights, cares for no one's.

Unfortunately for Blair, world Jewry is less and less inclined to make friendly with bigots who jump on the anti-Semitism bandwagon -- bigots like Tony Blair.

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