Thursday, November 23, 2006

Marilyn Monroe: Brainiac

This year, the FBI has gradually disclosed large portions of Marilyn Monroe's files and besides the fact that young Marilyn was sleeping with the Kennedy's (JF and RF), which we all already knew, and the fact that her "suicide" was most likely anything but, one more extremely fascinating bit of news has peeked its head out like the tip of an iceberg that it is: Marily Monroe was a highly intelligent left-wing progressive who was a Socialist if not a Communist. (In fact, it is highly, highly probable that Monroe was murdered by the US government with the knowledge of one (RFK) if not both Kennedy's because of her Communist connections and affiliations.)

That's right. Marilyn Monroe was a hot brainiac who played a dumb blonde because she thought it would give her everything she wanted in life, even though it didn't: admiration, adoration, and love.

What is most interesting to the Saccharinist is not that Monroe might have been a Commie, but that she, like many women throughout the world was suppressed into hiding her intelligence in favor of exploiting her sexuality. She was the ultimate sex tool who sacrificed her true self for the pleasure of men. But why? What convinced her that intelligence is not sexy? What convinced her that she could not be both intelligent and sexy and still be admired in society?

Marily Monroe was the perfect example of the latent but equally disturbing and damaging sexual discrimination that exists in the West as compared to the East. There is no doubt that in the Middle East, in Muslim nations, in developing countries of all sorts, women are overtly accepted as 2nd class citizens -- open discrimination is unquestioned. But the West, as the Saccharinist has said time and again, is no better.

Sexual discrimination is veiled in the West, but it is harmful and degrading to women, no less. Women get paid less than men in the West. Women get less promotions at work. Women are emotionally and physically harrassed on a regular basis (what do you think all of that catcalling and staring is all about?). Women are treated as sexual objects -- just open up any fashion magazine and it will be as plain as day for you to see.
I doubt there is any place in the world where women are not pre-judged, harrassed, and held back because of their gender. It is bewildering how the world treats over 51% of its population, especially since sexual discrimination isn't just hurting women, but also the men who love them. I wonder when and if this destructive gap will come to a close.

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