Friday, November 17, 2006

UCLA Police Attack Student

Okay, as if YouTube has not been cool enough, it is now officially a tool for discrediting the police.

Check out this video of University of California Police Department officers as they repeatedly tase an Iranian-American student in broad public view even as other students ask for the officers' ID's and ask the officers to leave him alone and stop hurting him.

On Tuesday night 14 November, Iranian-American student (yes, there are thousands of them at UCLA, as we all know) Mostafa Tabatabainejad was a victim of police brutality when he was repeatedly tased by UCPD officers as he was exiting the university library when he refused to show his ID because he felt he was being racially profiled.

Tabatabainejad was an inspiration to us all as he shouted accusations against the farcical P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act and continued to make a scene as officers brutalized him 5 times for up to 5 seconds each time with a taser that has been known to kill at least 148 victims in the US alone since 1999. No wonder he couldn't get up each time they demanded that he stand up: he was mostly paralyzed by the shock as is usually the case with these weapons. Can you imagine a weapon being used in your university library? It's unbelieveable.

And how did all this happen? In a "random" selection at the library, Tabatabainejad, who is a US-born American of Iranian descent, refused to show his ID because he felt he was singled out for looking Middle Eastern. When he shouted "get your hands off of me" to an officer who took ahold of him, that's when the taser was brought in. UCPD should know better than to harrass Iranian students considering how high their numbers are and how influential Iranians are in L.A. Besides, they should have known better than to behave this way in open view of the public at a university that is well known for its film school where so many students walk around with recording equipment. Well done, Mostafa. And well done to the brave young filmmaker who filmed this and put it on YouTube.

What's next? You guessed it: a law suit. Isn't America great?

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