Sunday, November 12, 2006

Iranian Sex Tape Tragedy

It didn't take long for my last post to be proven, and proven horribly. The latest news from Iran is another tidbit exemplifying the nadir of human relations that exists in a society that is run on Islamic law, where a religion so anti-human as to consider women unequal to men is embedded in the day-to-day culture and life of the people.

The story of Zahra Amir Ebrahimi is a tragedy of personal liberty, of privacy, of individuality, of decency, of humanity -- it is a story that has repeated itself in various guises throughout all close-minded and religiously-inclined societies millions of times over.

25-year-old Amir Ebrahimi is a beautiful and talented actress, or should I say was, until her jealous and mean-spirited ex-boyfriend decided to release a personal video they had made together onto the internet just last month. It is still not clear whether she authorized the making of the tape, or whether it is even her in the video -- but what is clear is that she is in deep deep trouble in a society -- like all societies where religion plays a key role in the culture and morality of the people -- where pre-marital relations are not only prohibited but considered a criminal offense.

The Saccharinist never thought a reference to Paris Hilton would be made in this blog, but it seems now is the time. As many readers may know or recall, Paris Hilton's career was made thanks to her boyfriend's unauthorized release of her sex tape -- a tape which clearly indicates Hilton's knowledge of the ongoing taping. America is a prude and increasingly religiously fundamentalist society, but what happened to Hilton is a supreme example of the difference between a society where the individual is respected and personal freedom is actually something of value and a society where those things are meaningless. Hilton's career skyrocketed to success. Amir Ebrahimi is now fighting to stay alive.

The worst thing about religious societies like Iran is that the men are not even aware of how prejudiced they are against women -- they are totally oblivious to how strongly they have been conditioned against a mentality of gender equality. It seems impossible for them to see the other side of the coin on that issue.

Amir Ebrahimi's ex-boyfriend is now a criminal on the lam -- he has escaped to Dubai and his identity has been forbidden to be released by the authorities. But the Saccharinist strongly disagrees -- this horrible adult's name and identity must be made known. This criminal -- like all criminals -- should be exposed for who he is and what he has done because the public's scrutiny is a powerful source of justice against the horrible people amongst us.

Dear Readers, if any of you have any information whatsoever about this criminal's identity, please email the Saccharinist on If bloggers unite and take a stance against this criminal, we can make a difference in at least one person's life.

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