Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry Dirty American Politics

As the fanfare and farce of American pre-election backpeddaling and mudslinging reaches its zenith, few people are pointing out the most obvious result: George W. Bushler will still be in office come next Tuesday. Yes, the Bushler is only half-way through his second term which means there are two more terrible years ahead of a world on its haunches.

Two more years of pre-emptive massacres...

Two more years of thievery and high stakes crime...

Two more years of fooling the American people into overlooking the fact of their miserable lives...

None of that will change next Tuesday. And speaking of nothing changing, that overgrown chin John Kerry has managed to succumb to playground taunts from the Republicans again. The first time around, they managed to convince not only the public, but him, that being a Vietnam war veteran is a crime punishable by an election loss.

This time, a paltry, pale-faced point he made about the nature of US military recruitment has thrown him back into the shadows of politics, even though he wasn't even running for office but merely trying to help the Democratic vote! Kerry's horrible words? "If you make the most of [education], you can do well. If you don't, you can get stuck in Iraq." Kerry stating the obvious: that those little 18,19, 20 year old American privates that are dying left and right in Iraq only ended up there in the first place because they didn't pursue their education and instead had no where to turn but the military. The result? Bushler's camp has actually forced an apology from Kerry and he has squirmed back into his blackhole of political impotence.

Another victory for Bushler's dirty tricks campaigns. When will this awful Western end?

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