Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Condosleaza Vice is a Sociopath

.......................................Does this nasty smirk look familiar? It's been festering in her soul for a lifetime...

Condosleaza Vice, like the vast majority of the administration she's bed-buddies with, is a classic sociopath.

She lacks the overriding characteristic of a human being: the ability to feel emotions, to empathize with fellow human beings. And like many sociopaths, certainly all of the ones who attain heights in politics, this has served her well in the only thing that matters to her in life: to reach the top so she can look down on everyone else.

Psychologically-speaking, there is really only one contributing factor that transforms a healthy newborn into a sociopathic adult: a lack of loving human interaction. Sociopaths live sheltered lives as children and are raised without love or with that quintessential American phrase "tough love." But love is not conditional, it's not tough, and it's the most important thing a child needs to grow up into a healthy adult. Sleaza, like her sadistic compatriots in government and elsewhere, remains the lonely loveless child of her past -- smirking to hide the emptiness in her heart.

The problem with sociopaths is not that they exist -- nobody cares for them as it is -- but that they cause so much damage to others. They kill, they maim, they destroy lives and don't blink because they don't feel.

The Black American columnist Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post spent 3 days in a press entourage with her last year and easily came to the same conclusion: that, just as the world suspected, she has no capacity to feel for others. "A friend of Rice's, Denise McNair, was one of the four girls killed in the bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church [in September 1963]. That would have left a deep scar on me, but Rice can speak of that atrocity without visible emotion."

No wonder this beast never married, though, according to a biography written by her friend Antonia Felix, she put her life on hold at least twice in order to meet the right man and get married. Once, "during her two-year stint in the first Bush administration, rumor had it in the White House that she wanted to settle down and get married." That never happened. The one time she was engaged in her mid-twenties, also didn't happen. Neither did the one more time after she had settled comfortably at Stanford. Nobody can love someone who cannot love back.

Rice has made some highly advertized press appearances this week where she's clearly been trained and taught to smile and act sweet in front of the camera. But it's hard to act sweet when you're so full of hate that its gleams through your eyes toward the audience and it jolts your anger out even as you try to remain civil. Someone please try to love this loveless creature so that she may stop killing people and spitting her venom across the vestiges of civilization.
The only real hope for civilization and for Condosleaza Vice is that someday there will be a true and just international human rights tribunal and she will be judged the mighty criminal that she is.

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