Friday, September 15, 2006

IAEA Calls US Liars

The government of Iran, symbolically led by President Ahmadinejad and actually led by the Supreme Feeder Khamenei, is not an exemplary government. Is not a respectable government. Is not a humane government. Is not a government that takes care of its people. Is not a government that most people, Iranian or not, in Iran or not, would like to remain in power.

But on the matter of this nuclear issue, it has achieved one valuable aim: to demonstrate that today's US government will unhesitatingly lie to shamelessly initiate war with anyone that gets in the way of its economic and hegemonic interests.

As far as we know, this is the single thing that Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has also achieved and that's what has brought him international praise amongst the masses of people who are dumbfounded by the impunity with which the US destroys lives, including the ones of its very own people -- Americans do not live the white picket fence lives that they or anyone else may wish to believe they do.

This week, the IAEA miraculously leaked a hugely significant 2-page letter it addressed to the US Congress which states that the US, specifically the Congress's Intelligence Committee, lied about intelligence information and basic facts pertaining to Iran's nuclear program in their report released just a few weeks ago.

What are the truths that have been revealed?

1. Iran has NOT enriched uranium to weapons-grade levels

Iran had enriched to 3.6% whereas weapons-grade levels are anything over 90%. Enough said.

2. Iran had NOT covertly produced polonium-210

The IAEA, according to its own agreements signed with Iran, does not require reporting of production of this substance.

3. The IAEA's major inspector Chris Charlier was NOT removed because he raised concerns about Iran

He was removed because the Iranian government REQUESTED it. This is a right that they, and all states, have according to the agreement signed with the IAEA. According to the report, the IAEA considers the US Congress's report on this matter to be "outrageous and dishonest."

4. The UN Security Council, contrary to the US report, is pleased with the IAEA's handling of the Iran nuclear situation

According to UN resolution 1696 (2006), the UN Security Council "commends and encourages the Director General of the IAEA and its secretariat for their ongoing professional and impartial efforts to resolve all remaining outstanding issues in Iran within the framework of the agency."

The letter is signed by Vilmos Czerveny, the Director of External Relations and Policy Coordination at the IAEA. He closes by adding that the IAEA "stands ready to correcting the erroneous and misleading information contained in the report."

Why is it always so surprising to see justice being carried out? Because it's so rare. Let's see what comes of this small though significant example of justice, by the UN no less.

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