Saturday, September 02, 2006

Eradicating Iraq

As we all know, starting around March of 2003, Iraq was transformed from a peaceful if dictatorially-controlled land to a war-ridden wasteland of human destruction that will haunt Iraq, if not the world, for generations to come. Yes, this is the time to ask: was Iraq better or worse off than it is now? The answer is it is overwhelmingly, indescribably worse off. Iraq was, like all of its neighbors, under the rule of a greedy and ruthless despot who cared little for his 'subjects' but he was, as we all know, supported in that very role for many years by the US government -- obviously this war has done absolutely nothing to alleviate this fundamental issue.

What's interesting and new today is that after many months of trying to convince the American people that Iraq has sectarian violence and internal disputes, the US government has now dramatically altered its position with Bushler openly stating that "Iraq has not descended into a civil war." Why is that, you ask? Well, if you've noticed in that last week alone, the civilian deaths in Iraq have have reached perhaps the highest ever in the history of this relatively brief but massively destructive war:

67 civilians killed and 300 injured in rocket attacks in Baghdad yesterday
at least 50 civilians killed in attacks on 30 August
as many as 74 civilians killed in attacks on 29 August
at least 50 people killed and 70 people injured in attacks on 28 August
at least 47 civilians killed and "scores" of others injured in attacks on 27 August
at least 12 civilians killed in attacks on 24 August

So why is Bush trying to act like nothing horrible is happening? Well, it sure wouldn't look good for him to finally admit that Iraq has spiralled out of control while at the same time telling the American people that US troops aren't leaving any time soon and trying to convince them that a new war in Iran is in their best interests, too.

Nope, Bushie has dramatically altered his propaganda and it remains to be seen in November when the American public is falling for it or not.

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