Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ahmadinejad v Bush: Debate 2006

The battle of hearts and minds continues, as Herr Bushmann and his administration have coined the term (or was it that old sleaze Clinton? That reminds me, this is a perfect time to add Der Clintonner on the Saccharinist's list of war criminal candidates -- has everyone forgotten that he bombed Iraq for 8 straight years, amongst other notable crimes?). However, the victor in the battle between Bushmann and Ahmadinejad is, as has increasingly been the case of late, Ahmadinejad, of course.

Cleverly taking advantage of the well-known fact that Meister Bushmeistermann is thoroughly incapable of thinking (or speeching) on his own (pathetically failing to hide his speech accoutrements), Ahmadinejad invited him to a televised debate -- because surely if the nuclear issue is an issue at all, it is worthy of a respectable debate, no? I envision a Bush-as-Nixon catastrophe a la the 1960 presidential television debates.

And, like the "Dear John," letter before it, Ahmadinejad has managed to force the Bushling to address his communications -- something very un-Bushlike when you consider that the big US government facade (geared mainly to the American people) is that Iran and the US are not on speaking terms. This time, as before, the answer, with a grumble through his clenched teeth, is 'no.'

But Ahmadinejad is persistent and, arguably, successful at making the Americans look the fool, so doubtless there will be other provocations to come. At least, we hope so.

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