Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ganji: 2 for 3, So Far...

Today, the mystery behind Akbar Ganji deepens ever further as the number 2 man on his list of 3 dissident prisoners has now been released. Ramin Jahanbegloo's release today tallies 2 of the 3 men on Ganji's list (in exactly the order of importance that Ganji himself proscribed, no less) as having been freed since Ganji made the worldwide call for their freedom less than 2 months ago.

Again, the following unanswered questions must be repeated:

1. why did Ganji pick these 3 men of the over 300 men and women who are prisoners of conscience of the Iranian government (formally speaking, that is -- on another level of course, the entire nation would more or less fit under this category)?

2. why are the men on Ganji's list being released one by one?

3. as a corollary, does this mean that the next prisoner to be released by the IRI will be Ali Akbar Mousavi Khoeni?

4. does Ganji want only those people released who, like himself, have a past that was affiliated with official institutions of the IRI, and if so, why? (Ganji, as we all know, was a member of the Revolutionary Guards; Osanloo was the president of the Syndicate of Workers of the Tehran Bus Company; Jahanbegloo was Head of the Department of Contemporary Thought at the Cultural Research Bureau; and Mousavi Khoeni is a former member of Parliament.)

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