Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Saccharinist's Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of the establishment of the Saccharinist. It's been so fulfilling though it is a tiny blog which I don't put nearly enough time into for updating. Thank you sincerely for all of you who have supported me in this project. I hope to keep the Saccharinist going and develop it further as time permits.

If you're keen on a trip down memory lane, here are some (but not all!!) of my favorite posts:

19 September 2005: Bush Need to Pee Now
23 September 2005: Katrina's Dirty Laundry
12 October 2005: The Ugly Side of Wealth
15 October 2005: Can You Say "Nyet"?
5 December 2005: Little White Jackos
13 December 2005: Tookie Was Killed Today
14 December 2005: Guide to the Plame CIA Leak Case
17 May 2006: Bushinejad
18 May 2006: The United States of Mexico
23 May 2006: George W. Bonobo
24 May 2006: Tea Party for Iran
14 June 2006: Offside Rule Explained
14 June 2006: Evin (Not) Uncovered
18 Julye 2006: "Yo Blair 'Sup?"
21 July: 2006: Yes Sir-kel!
30 July 2006: Headline Killers
11 August 2006: UK Terror Plot: Allied in Hypocrisy
14 September 2006: Katrina Spoke for the World

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