Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tea Party for Iran

Today's the big party, folks. The Security Council members (US, France, UK, China and Russia) as well as a now acceptably conservative (though headed by an obesely freckled Cabbage Patch doll) Germany (they missed out on being on the Security Council after that whole World War II fiasco -- remember that?) have gathered together for tea and crumpets and a little Iran bashing in London today.

UK: One lump o two, Francey deah?
France: Eu! You soo-praz me Angleterre.
UK: One lump it is, mown amee. No dieting fo frogs, is theh?
Germany: Ooh! Ooh! Bitte, gif me ze extra lump. Lumps reemynt me of wieners! (licks fat freckled lips)
China (whispering to Russia): Hoh! Dey ah peegz dee Westahnahs...
Russia (whispering back to China): I egree. Sleep me deh braid besket -- no lines today!
US: Hey! What the hell's going on over thire? I ordered cahffee lak tain minutes ago!

Yes, today the countries who make decisions for everyone in the world are holding their tongues to bear each other's company long enough to decide how to subordinate that loud-mouthed Ahmadinejad. Wonder what'll come of it? Well, as we know, these people usually get what they want, so barring some unfortunate instance of sanity, Iran will be given a more-serious-than-the-last-time ultimatum, or, as predicted before, be slapped with a healthy dose of sanctions. Crumpets anyone?

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