Friday, May 19, 2006

Saudi Ya Like That?

Looks like the US's second biggest (pun intended) ally in the Middle East has one more thing in common with it: obesity. Apparently, "about 52 percent of Saudi Arabia's men and 66 percent of women are either obese or overweight." Yes, those overflowing robes of modesty are overflowing for a reason. Well, what do you expect of women when they are never even taught physical education in school because, among other dangers, the girls "might become attracted to each other after seeing their classmates in tight leotards and tops". Women can only take walks in restricted outdoor areas or shopping malls (sound familiar? the Mall of America even has special opening hours and statistical information for its MallStars!). Adding further fat to the waistline, it is considered imprudent for women to seek physical education in gyms or other public exercise facilities. Hmmm, maybe the Saudis are onto something here: keep the women fat and they won't want to wear anything but XXL abayas. Way to enforce religious fundamentalism...