Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Well Folks, you saw it here first, though I must admit I'm surprised there haven't been earlier efforts at pointing out that Ahmadinejad and Bush not only have tactful diplomacy, impotent leadership, and religious fundamentalism in common but they happen to look very similar, too. Indeed, Bush is a White Man's Ahmadinejad in more ways than one. The same beady eyes with the same just-close-enough-to-be-simian distance between them. The same pursed lips, pointy ears and shadowy eyebrows. Only difference is Ahmadinejad's curly lashes and three Musketeers beardling might put him ahead on the lady vote. It's all there, plain as day for you to see: Ahmadinejad and Bush are one and the same, though somehow I can't believe that an Iranian takeover of the world would be quite as damaging as the present American one.

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