Friday, September 15, 2006

The Fallacious Fallaci Falls

......................................................................................Source: Ulivo Selvatico

Going with today's theme of bigots, it's fitting that Oriana Fallaci has died on the very day the Pope pathetically insults the Muslims of the world. Fallaci, as you may have heard, was a shameless bigot in her own right -- her hatred of Muslims, Arabs, Middle Easterners and a whole host of people who look just like her was so powerful and overwhelming that she spent her days and nights putting it down on paper and publishing her vitriol in hope that it would help her feel better. It never did.

This fallacious so-called journalist grew up in Mussolini's fascist Italy and began her public career by fighting the fascists, but she unintelligently became the very thing she once hated so much -- as aggressive, hateful and inhumane against other religions and races as the fascists she fought in her youth. In other hypocrisy, she claimed to be an atheist though she was even more zealous than many of her fellow Italian Catholics in her personal views -- her stance against women's reproductive rights was so extreme that she was even against artificial insemination.
But she is most famous for her outrageous and unacceptable comments against Islam, Arabs and the Middle East. Her delusional and all-consuming hatred of these things led her to spend great amounts of time and volumes of publication in spreading her theory that Muslims are involved in a massive conspiracy to conquer Europe by breeding.

Yes, Oriana Fallaci was a new breed of Nazi and the most valuable legacy she relinquishes to history is that in the year 2006, extremist and hateful racial prejudice was still not openly condemned or opposed by the institutions of human civilization.

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