Friday, October 13, 2006

Madonna Steals Child

Here is one of the world's most selfish, self-involved, and self-obsessed women:

Even in her efforts to help others, she primarily helps herself. Last week, she went to Malawi to pass out red ribbons to the locals -- 1/2 for a Kabbalah bracelet and 1/2 for an AIDS emblem, no doubt. After a brief period of proselytizing, she decided, as per her protocol, to take more from the community than she ever gave: by adopting a child -- a child who HAS PARENTS.

That's right, Madonna has legally -- and I use this term loosely: it turns out the Malawi government may have made an illegal exception for Her Mad-jesty -- stolen a child from a Malawi orphanage whose father and grandmother are both alive and well. See, the boy's family was forced to send him to an orphanage because they couldn't afford to care for him -- yes, a kind donation to the family would have been more beneficial to the boy. But instead, Madonna decided she'd take him away from the only family he has so that she can prove to the world that after over 20 years of doing nothing for humanity, she can redeem herself by buying a black person. Hmm...somehow, that just rubs the wrong way.

Yes, little David (doesn't sound very Malawian to me...), as he's been named, is being systematically stripped of his identity by a bottomless pit of greed who can't conceive on her own -- can't conceive what it means to be humane, that is.

Mrs Madonna "I wannabe Angelina Jolie" Rich-ie is an excellent example of the elite of this world falling way way short of helping anyone but themselves. With her high-profile status, wealth and connections, she could have done any number of things to contribute to the betterment of this world, but so far, she has done nothing but the opposite. Sadly for her, all the money in the world can't buy her the one thing she wants most of all: her youth.

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