Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Selection Day

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Today is election day in the land that decides the world's fate.

Today, Americans will not only prove to the world whether they are the digital age's greatest victims of political and media propaganda in a free society, but whether capitalistic democracy -- in an age of epic greed and outright hate -- is waning or as strong as ever.

As Michael Moore said to his subscribers today, this is not an election about voting for individuals -- as recent past US elections have been -- but about voting strictly and shamelessly along party lines: the Democrats, though they are as useless, conservative, backward and ignorant as the Republicans, must win today because George W. Bushler's party must lose. "This election is nothing less than a National Referendum on George W. Bush and his War," Moore writes.

And boy do we know it! What a surprise that Saddam was "sentenced to death" just yesterday -- strange that a trial that has taken years to come into existence somehow manages to pull itself together just in time for the last big election of Bushler's presidency. (All of the major newspapers of the world, even including the so-called Independent, pandered to this ridiculous "news" by putting it on their front page.) Political theatrics or human rights victory? Hmmm...I think the answer to that is best characterized as they said in the 2004 documentary, "Control Room", about Al Jazeera's coverage of the Iraq War: "if there's only one Iraqi left when this war is over, it will be Saddam Hussein."

Polls close at around 9 pm in most states. The world watches. Waits. Hopes.

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