Thursday, November 23, 2006

KKKramer: Race Relations USA

As soon as this Michael Richards (now known in cyberspace as KKKramer) business came to light recently (if you've forgotten he is a rabid racist who also has severe anger management problems), the first thing everybody wanted to do was disown Michael. The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles even went to the trouble of immediately printing an unsubstantiated article claiming that he was raised Catholic, even though his publicist has come out and said this week that Michael Richards is in fact Jewish.

Well let's take a close look at the state of American race relations these days: a Catholic has bashed the Jews (Mel Gibson), a Jew has bashed the Blacks (Michael Richards). I guess there's just one thing left to complete this perfect circle of long-held simmering American racism: we're on the lookout for a Black person to self-bash.

Oh, wait, Condoleeza Rice is working that one.

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