Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bushler & Bliar: Honeymoon's Way Over

George W. Bushler and the man portrayed as his puppet but who is actually his puppet master, Tony "Evil Eye" Bliar, were back on the media scene today purporting a united front like a couple of washed up bullies on the playground of international public opinion.

It was an expected assemblage in the face of yesterday's Iraq Study Group findings which basically said what everyone in the world already knew: the US-UK coalition in Iraq is a complete failure and has transformed from a quick and tidy military operation (yeah right) into a desperate and incoherent murder spree, also known as genocide. Or something like that. It was also a chance for Humpty and Dumpty to divert attention from the embarrassment of Iran's growing arch of power in the region.

Bliar, a persistent example of the modern British peacock politician (a well-tailored suit may trick the eye momentarily but the ugliness underneath eventually shows its feet), spewed his regular spin throughout the Washington DC conference, managing as always to say nothing while endlessly talking. Knowing that he is, nonetheless, not Enemy #1, certainly helped Bliar keep his cool while his "best buddy" (a.k.a. lapdog) Bushler melted in the heat of a barrage of questions that have nothing to do with praise.

Agitated, impatient, and unable to control the pace of his automatic retorts or his growing frustration, Bushler, as he has always done despite long hours of training and advice, showed the true face of a regime who has magnificently failed at the one thing you cannot fail at in the digital media age: keeping up appearances. A high profile blurb here and a media-opp there simply do not a spin success make.

And of course, that's the one and only thing the British have ever mastered to perfection: never letting go of the pretense -- it's what brought those tiny islanders to the fore of international infamy but it's also what will eventually bring them down as more and more people worldwide take offense to being to played the fool by snobbery, classism and manufactured charm.

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