Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fanning the Flames of Hate in Iraq

You don't have to be a jihadi to seethe in anger at photos like this.

Can you imagine this young Iraqi man to be your brother, your cousin, your neighbor? These people, these young brainwashed aggressive American soldiers would not stand it if anyone did this to them in their country, how can they not believe that the Iraqis are fighting back? These brainless automatons are cogs in the hate machine of our future, but that doesn't make them any less culpable for their crimes.

Shame on these soldiers and shame on all of the war criminals in Washington Dc, London, Geneva, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Islamabad, Amman, Cairo and yes, Tehran, and every other nation where a leader has condoned or failed to condemn this genocide in Iraq.

This world has a long long way to go before humanity is restored and justice actually has meaning. The Poop with his official visit to Turkey this week is rightly condemned by the Turkish protesters -- he is another world leader who has fanned the flames of hate -- the most unpunished crime in human history.

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