Monday, January 01, 2007

Saddam Executes the Imperialists

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The execution of Saddam Hussein has left few people sympathetic to his personal cause but most people -- MOST of the people of the world, undoubtedly -- reeling with even more disdain for the United States and the United Kingdom. The way Saddam was hanged was an insult to all the people of the world whose lives are dictated by client governments of the US and UK -- and that is several billion people who are exceptionally politically aware and totally mistrustful of the US and UK whose interests never have and never will lie on the side of humanity or democracy in any sense of the term.

It was an insult to every nation where execution is not legally undertaken via a supposedly humane device such as an electric chair or lethal injection. It was an insult to the knowledge and awareness of the great majority of the world, with the exception only of Americans, who are absolutely apprised of the reality of this scenario: that the US and UK killed one of their own agents when he turned on them. And it was a blatant comment on the paltry symbolism and pathetically non-existent efforts of Western-based institutions such as the International Court of Justice which have failed on an exceedingly and increasingly large number of accounts to prosecute American, British, German, French, Dutch and other Western criminals of far greater magnitude than Saddam Hussein -- many of whom remain in power to this day.

They hung Saddam -- he requested a bullet to the head, military style -- to insult all of us -- to say he is backward, his country is backward, his people are backward. The US and UK (U SUK) hung Saddam to spit in the face of the majority of the world that does not condone their own governments' barbarism, for their actions over centuries have proven more than anything that they are the biggest barbarians of all. But even more, with this action, the US and UK have formally declared their own downfall.

For the US and the UK to take it upon themselves to "execute" a man who was an agent for them for decades and instigated one of the bloodiest and most politically rabid wars of the last century for them and with them -- the Iran-Iraq war -- is an undeniable comment on the governments of the US and UK but even further on the culture and people of these countries, too. Americans and Brits have no excuse whatsoever when their governments behave like barbarians because they have a free society with free elections where they vote for these institutions and have done for centuries.

But Saddam's execution at the hands of the foreign agents who funded and supported him for decades is also a sad and embarrassing comment on the Arab people -- and that includes all Arabs. So often, I have seen Egyptians, Algerians, Lebanese, Jordanians, Tunisians and so many Arab-speaking people deny that the Arabs are one people and that is ridiculous and inaccurate. Why? Because very little remains of the ancient pre-Islamic cultures in all of these countries -- the culture of Islam has embedded itself into these lands and their people. Even the Christians and Jews of these nations have an undeniable Islamic-based culture to their attitudes, their traditions, their way of life -- even they live lives revolving around a Islamic pivot of thought, attitude and values. You are Arabs and the reason why the jewels of your culture and lands, such as Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and other places are festering with foreign corruption, deception and destruction is because you are not united, you are in denial of your communities and your cohesion. Saddam may have been a horrible neighbor to non-Arabs such as Kurds and Iranians, but he was a leader for Arabs. He created equal educational opportunities for girls and boys, women and men. He modernized Iraq while its neighbors stagnated with the limitations of religion. He supported the Palestinians more than any other Arab leader -- the Palestinians so many Arabs have forgotten and disowned. And, before he realized, as all CIA agents do, that you can never sever ties with your American-British masters, his iconic image of steadfast strength and power gave Arabs of all shades a figurehead to look up to with pride, though many of them have been too ignorant to realize this until now.

In fact, his last few moments in our world cast a certain eternal iconism to his legacy because of the strength and confidence with which he exited the world. Saddam died a martyr and furthered the one cause that hardly needed furthering: a deep distrust, disgust and disdain for the United States and the United Kingdom. He also paved the way for the next round of executions in Iraq and elsewhere: the current leaders of US and UK client governments everywhere are sweating in their American-made boots. As well they should. We the people of these countries that are ruled by proxy by U SUK -- and that includes the Islamic Republic of Iran -- see what this symbiosis of aggression has done to our people, our lands, our way of life and now, more than ever, we are determined to put a stop to it because we can.

Goodbye Saddam -- your execution was the final nail in the coffin of British ancestral rule -- a coffin that's been waiting for its corpse for centuries.

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