Wednesday, September 21, 2005

U SUK Really Bad

World map with nuclear weapon status represented by color. (Source: Wikipedia)

Who is the United States? Why must there always be an inbalance of power? True, it is ever susceptible to the nation it divorced in 1776 -- the British cleverly persist in letting the Americans take the spotlight of blame for so many of the tragic foreign policies they engage in together. But it works out because the Americans don't care -- and it's not cowboy ethics at play here, it's that simple but perilous combination of ignorance and arrogance that has fared badly for far greater empires than the Anglo-American one, or U SUK, as I like to call them.

Case in point: this rot over whether Iran creates nuclear weapon technology. It's not enough that U SUK overthrew Iran's nationalist democratically-elected Prime Minister in 1953 and replaced him with the willy-wagger Mohammad Reza Shah(for the second time, no less). It's not enough that they negotiated with Khomeini at the beginning of his reign, conveniently facilitating the end of the hostage-takeover on the exact day of Reagan's first-but-not-last inauguration. It's not enough that they secretly negotiate with a government that has demonstrated about as much concern for human rights as the overlords of Guantanamo Bay. No, it's simply not enough to have defaced the culture of Iran and warped it into this present spectacle of human depravity which we witness today (which, by the way, will take generations to resolve, only just starting at the point when this regime is no longer in power). U SUK must also malign and harangue a nation for allegedly doing what U SUK and others have already done: develop nuclear weapons.

Certainly, the Iranian government is committing far greater crimes against humanity. Besides, if anyone were concerned about the effect of nuclear weaponry, then it wouldn't have been developed in the first place, it wouldn't have been used already and nations (including U SUK) wouldn't continue advanced research into developing even more destructive weapons. Shouldn't someone be stopping the only known nation to have actually used the full force of these weapons (remember Hiroshima? How about Nagasaki?)? No, this is not about any value for human life, it's about exerting power -- at a time, notably, when U SUK is quite emasculated thanks to Miss Katrina and that ol' battleaxe Iraq.