Sunday, September 18, 2005

Gmail Word Verifications

This is the beginning. I even sent myself a Gmail invite to create a whole new email address for this blog: . I've done this before, and, since in these far-reaching and highly imaginative Internet days most email addresses require more than one try to affix, I've come to notice a peculiar and creatively amusing facet of Gmail: the word verification test words are above and beyond anything Hotmail's ever come up with. You know that weird jumble of letters (and sometimes letters and numbers) which you are faced with when, as a non-spammer, you sign up for a new email account? It's usually something random like qx4fye presented in uneven, multi-sized fonts, usually a bit blurry to the eye. Well, Gmail and its greater cohort, Google, have outdone the competition again. No, jumbled words will not suffice -- Gmail is actually providing a secondary service to those who sign up for its emails: naming their children, pets, loved ones and things. Or perhaps even inventing new words, the meanings of which you and I can eventually ordain over time and thought. No more yv7si, how about Aniall -- a lovely sister to your Irish son Niall, perhaps? Or Fuquia, that striking orange color between bright red and bright yellow? I find myself making errors in the form or choosing obvious email addresses repeatedly simply to see how far Google will go -- whether the riddle will miss its punchline -- but over and over, Gmail never fails to impress. This is what makes life worth living: passion, creativity, surprises. Pardon me while I sign up for another Gmail account...