Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Poor Man's Journalist: Christi-yawn

Yes, I know it's shocking that the Saccharinist has, up till now, limited analysis of Christiane Amanpour (aka Christi-yawn A-poor-man) to mere jibes in select posts. So, without further delay, here is my first-ever post focused exclusively on this ingrown butt hair of Western journalism -- ah! where else but a blog can that jewel of a description be published?

Simply put, she is an incompetent journalist, if the word can even be applied to her, a telehost, who has used her "career" to mingle with international politics and make something of a life that was headed no where until she slept with the "right" guys at college. We won't dwell on her manliness, her aggression toward the entire Middle East or her direct ties to the US government (be they as weak as they are these days since her husband, Scarface, has been passing time between Democratic presidents posing as a journalist himself) despite the fact that journalists are supposed to be independent.

What we will focus on is her continual and longstanding use of the country she despises the most -- namely Iran -- as a footstool for advancing (or at times, maintaining) her farcical job as the resident "expert" on promoting US foreign policy at CNN (the Conservative Nepotism Network) -- a job made all the more easy considering Clinton and Bush had very little policy differences, just a rather divergent means of implementation.

Take a look at how this queen of condescension -- hate Arafat all you like, but at least he had the decency to teach this tool a lesson -- treats non-Westerners in this video clip of her showing her true colors at a news conference in Iran with members of the Iranian press. Amanpour is exactly the type of tool the US and UK governments have thrived and survived on for centuries: treasonous sell-outs who'll do anything for a piece of the pie. Surely it would be too much to wish that she gets her just desserts, so instead we here at the Saccharinist will remain content knowing that this poor man's journalist is really freakin' unattractive and time hasn't been on her side... hmmm... justice works in mysterious ways!

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