Friday, April 06, 2007

Blair Still Sore from Iran Ramming

C'mon Blair! It's not like you haven't had this before! (that's why you married a man, right?)

No matter how much propaganda the Brits, or should I say, the 'coalition forces', spew out of their rocket-launching sockets, nobody in this world looks more violent, inhumane, unjust, bloodthirsty, cruel, heartless and unrestrained than they do.

Iran treated those trespassing naval officers humanely. They were returned happy and healthy -- to an extremely embarrassed Tony Blair and his government full of pasty-faced criminal minds. The UK media yesterday were so desperate to twist the embarrassment of the officers' safe return into another headline about how violent Muslims are that the 4 'coalition' soldiers killed in Iraq yesterday were ridiculously linked to the peaceful release of these vacationers.

And then in a remarkably sadistic pirouette of spin, Blair attempted to portray the Iranians as the main culprits responsible for the deathpit that has become Iraq.

This show has only one remaining audience: the idiotic members of the citizenry of the US and UK where voting is no longer a democratic action, but a knee-jerk reaction to manufactured hatred and fear.

It must be hard being a citizen of the Coalition Republics.

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