Saturday, March 31, 2007

Iranians Expose Western Hypocrisy (again)

It amusing watching as the Americans and Brits fabricate another "Iran hostage crisis" scenario out of Iranian efforts to expose the hypocrisy of the US, UK, UN and every other self-righteous, prejudiced, violent, uncivilized 'U' out there.

These British sailor pawns know they were in Iranian waters. The UK government knows it. The US government knows it and only a scattering of violently ignorant and prejudiced people on both sides of the Atlantic still believe that this is a "hostage" situation.

And speaking of hostages, what about those Iranians the US nabbed in Iraq a couple months ago? Come to think of it,

- what about the 26 million hostages the US and UK have taken in Iraq?

- what about the over 400 hostages in Guantanamo Bay?

- what about the billions of hostages worldwide that are suffering in poverty on a daily basis because of US and UK (U SUK) foreign policy and economic holocaust?

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