Thursday, April 12, 2007

Farewell Kurt

A sad day in the literary world: Kurt Vonnegut has passed away at the age of 84.

His distinct charm, his curiously scientific yet passionate brand of storytelling, and his sense of humor will remain for us, his readers.

Sure, he had many famous novels, but I'll always remember him for EPICAC, his 1950 story about a computer that fell in love -- perhaps the most beautiful love story I've ever read.

At the age of 82, he came out of semi-retirement to write A Man Without A Country, his literary way of taking action and telling the world and his fans that George W. Bushler and his entire hatemongering, warmongering pathogenic politics are so so wrong and must be stopped. Too bad more people in a position of power have not come forward to do the same -- but obviously, that's why the Bushler movement was able to come into existence in the first place. And that's why it has come this far.

Vonnegut and his dying breed of socially-responsible celebrities will be sorely missed.

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