Sunday, July 01, 2007

Iran Launches English Language TV

Iran is so cool. An English Language Iranian broadcast channel now exists! Today is the launch of the Press TV network:
"PRESS TV is the first international Iran-based news network to broadcast in English on a round-the-clock schedule."

Please take a look at the amazing and visionary Goals and Visions of Press TV -- let's just say this was a long time coming and the world would definitely change for the better if more non-"Western" countries would take this initiative and try and have a news network IN ENGLISH that does not pander to the interests of current establishment "Western" powers (as their own "Western" media have become exceptionally adept at).

Yes, Iran is still a nation that does not grant its own people basic social and personal freedoms, and that remains an extremely disturbing problem with Iran and very little good can be said about the present Iranian government, but at least Iran now has a competing English language broadcaster! Magnifico! Let's watch Press TV's coverage and see how it is, but for now, such wonderfully candid headlines as "Declassification of CIA's Illegal Activities" are worth the read.

PRESS TV offers broad news coverage, specifically focusing on the Middle East.

PRESS TV dares to tackle the controversial global news agenda and broadcasts cutting-edge documentaries with political, social and economic contents.

PRESS TV’s goal is to present a deeper analysis of current affairs, aiming to show the other side of the story.


1- To break the global media stranglehold of western outlets.

2- To bridge cultural divisions pragmatically.

3- To highlight the versatility and vitality of political and cultural differences, making up the human condition.

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