Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cindy McCain, Sarah Palin Bitch Fight: Episode 1

For all of you out there who are legitimately concerned about the oldest-ever US Presidential candidate having nominated the dumbest and one of the youngest ever VP's, set your mind to rest.

Cindy McCain is to the rescue.

Ain't nothin' like a good ol' fashioned bitch fight to save the world. See, contrary to the words that are coming out of her mouth, Cindy "Bitch Squint" McCain just does not care for her husband's
VP choice and it all comes down to a little thing called: Bitchin'.

That's right, they hate each other, Cindy and Sarah. And it didn't take much more than the shivering cold hug they gave each other at the RNC acceptance platform to give us all a nice peek of the nastiness to come. We all know women just don't along as well as they should -- probably because they're smart enough to smell a rat (or a bitch, as it were) when they see one.

Now, the ladies of politics are certifiable bitch-whackers -- you've got to be to survive the world of diplomacy, or well, the world at all as a matter of fact. But they're only human and what words don't reveal, a wicked smile, a sideways glance or a little bit of extra leg simply and clearly will.

Welcome to the first Episode of Cindy McCain, Sarah Palin Bitch Fight where we here at the Saccharinist take a close look at recent photographs of Cindy and Sarah showing the world how a picture is worth a thousand words of hatred, envy and all-out bitch war...

Exhibit A:
RNC acceptance speech, platform on which all parties attempt to act nice. Oops!

Exhibit B:
RNC convention, actin' sweet

Exhibit C:
Can't face each other at the RNC stage. Notice obvious rift in physical form.

Exhibit D:
Already in Need of Mediator

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