Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty: Height Comparisons with McCain

The talk around town is that John McCain might have whittled down his VP choices to Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty. We here at the Saccharinist decided it is time for a nice gallery of images showing just how miniature Mr McCain is compared to these two contenders. Enjoy!

John McCain Height: 5'7"
Mitt Romney Height: 6'2"
McCain-Romney Height Differential: 7"

Exhibit A. The infamous primary photo:

John McCain Height: 5'7"
Tim Pawlenty Height:6'0"
McCain-Pawlenty Height Differential: 5"

Exhibit A. John McCain straining neck to look up at Tim Pawlenty to shake his hand:

Exhibit B. Tim Pawlenty on stage with McCain -- possibly dancing a jig. Still looking enormously taller than the presidential candidate:

Exhibit C. John McCain shaking Tim Pawlenty's hand on the tarmac. Notice how McCain is straining to remain upright yet still looks tiny next to Pawlenty:

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