Friday, August 08, 2008

Edwards admits Rielle affair, denies paternity

(photo source: ABC)

Funny how a little thing like a photograph of you in the hotel room of a woman who is not your mortally cancer-stricken wife can spark a tad of honesty.

Johnny "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" Edwards -- former presidential candidate, former chance at the VP -- admitted today that he indeed had an affair with Rielle Hunter. Guess nobody informed him that everybody in the world already knew that.

But get this, he says he ISN'T the father of the little girl Frances Quinn Hunter whom he was photographed coddling at the Beverly Hilton just a week ago.

Yeah, right.

And George W. Bush didn't lie about his reasons for going to war against Iraq.

Too bad we don't have actual footage of George W. Bush discussing how he's lying. Then maybe the rest of America would accept that he, too, is a liar.

On another note, it's incredibly hilarious how Johnny boy decided to make his little announcement on Olympic day. It brings up the troubling fact that the mainstream (aka establisment) media refused to discuss this important story. It was good of the ABC Nightline program to arrange for this little gab session with Edwards -- looks like they are quite capable of putting a story together when and if they decide to put it out there.

Hmmm...wonder if they've refused to discuss other important stories? Anyone?

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