Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vanity Fair Spoofs New Yorker Cover

Now this is funny because it's true.

Vanity Fair has spoofed the ridiculous New Yorker Cover of the Obamas, but unlike the New Yorker cover, it is an accurate portrayal of the facts of the McCains's lives.

John McCain is portrayed looking stooped over and aged.


Cindy McCain is portrayed wobbling around with prescription pills she admitted stealing from the charity she ran to help underprivileged children.


The frame in the oval office that contained a picture of Bin Laden on the New Yorker cover now contains the actual World #1 Terrorist: George W. Bushler, John McCain's frenemy du jour.


And instead of the US flag burning in the Oval Office fireplace, they have the US Constitution which, as is common knowledge, has been burnt to a crisp under the Bush presidency.


Well done Vanity Fair, you made fun of the New Yorker and sent a political message too: that the truths of these candidates' lives are far more amusing than the prejudiced half-truths.

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