Sunday, July 13, 2008

Iran Smokes McCain on Cigarette Genocide Joke

Looks like that Shorty McCain thinks Americans find genocide funny.

Only July 9th, at a campaign rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, good ol' Shorty responded to a comment that US exports to Iran have increased tenfold during the Bushler presidency, including a rise in cigarette exports, by saying "Maybe that's a way of killing 'em."

Well done Shorty! You've opened the door to a great many possibilities now that you've confirmed that you are openly warmongering against Iran, that you take personal amusement in discussing the murder of Iranian people, and that you have no qualms about business contracts which openly contradict US policy toward supposedly dangerous nations like Iran.

Thus, McCain has added one more crime to the Bush Crime Family's violations -- just in time for Senator Kucinich's latest article of impeachment (Kucinich will be filing a new one on July 14th).

Bushler has made great efforts to threaten other nations who conduct business with Iran -- guess in the Bushler rule of books -- and the McCain one too -- rules only apply to the little people who don't dine with Bushler & Co. at Kennebunkport.

It has now come to light that not only did the US government look the other way on a tenfold increase in US exports to Iran but the US government itself has been one of the exporters -- US military equipment has been steadily exported to Iran under the Bushler regime.

Nice one Shorty! You've flashed the spotlight on US government business activities with blacklisted Iran and you've made a racist comment that allowed the Iranian foreign ministry to label you a "warmongering" "genocide" joker with a "disturbed state of mind".

"It is most evident that jokes about genocide will not be tolerated by Iranians or Americans," said the Iranian Foreign Ministry today. "McCain's crude remark on the indiscriminate killing of the Iranian nation not only testifies to his disturbed state of mind, but also to his warmongering approach to foreign policy."

Bomb, bomb, bomb, McCain got bombed...

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