Tuesday, July 22, 2008

John Edwards and Rielle Hunter Love Child: July 2008 Update

(photo source: Daily Mail)

Certainly, the National Enquirer is not exactly a credible news source -- but from time to time they do actually invest in some actually reporting and get something right.

It won't be long before we find out for sure -- but it seems that good ol' John Edwards has a love child with a mistress whom he still visits. In fact, it seems he visited her in the wee hours of the night during a trip to Los Angeles just yesterday. Hmm, makes this December 2007 Enquirer story even more interesting.

Her name is Rielle Hunter and she was hired to produce videos for the Edwards political campaign. If the Enquirer proves right, Edwards will be paying her bill with a child support bonus.

Rhetorically, as always, one wonders why these politicians just can't keep it in their pants...oh yeah, it's cuz they're rich, they're powerful and they can get away with genocide (just ask George W. Bushler -- or his dad, or his friends, or...or...)

It's the oldest trick in the political book to oust a politician via his midnight trysting habits but it is fascinating that in this day and Internet age politicians still think they can get away with adultery. Guess it's just the hubris of power getting the best of these cretins.

McCain, as we all know, is an adulterer. So one could assume with some confidence that if Obama has kept it in his pants during his marriage and continues to do so until at least November 5, 2008 -- easier said than done, obviously -- he is on his way to the Presidency.

Meanwhile, let's see how the John Edwards show wraps this diaper up...

PS. Yes, the Saccharinist has deliberately abstained from commenting on the silliness of the official state talks between the US and Iran recently because -- ask most any Iranian and they'll tell you -- this is old news. Officials from the US government and the Islamic Republic of Iran government have been holding talks, meetings and tea parties since day one. This is only new news to the American public. Damn, there's a pattern here...

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