Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jesse Jackson's N-word Rant Against Obama on Fox

Stick a fork in Jesse Jackson, cuz he's done.

Jesse "you are not a man because you can make a baby" Jackson has a sad history of not taking his own advice. And now he's crossed the line into the realm of plain fool.

It tu
rns out that that controversial FOX News recording of him whispering to Dr Reed V. Tuckson wasn't just a call for Barack Obama's castration, but also included a tidy little reference to another topic the Reverend Jackson has spent decades enforcing but not practicing: use of the n-word. (click here to watch a 2007 video of Jackson discussing use of the n-word.)

Yup, Jesse Jackson called Barack Obama a nigger. Well, Obama and every other African American out there. See, the original statement by FOX that Jackson had said Obama "talks down to black people...telling [black people] how to behave" was a paraphrasing of what Jackson really said -- not "black people" but "niggers." (Click here to see the uncut version of Jesse Jackson using the n-word on Fox.)

Ah! Nostalgia! It was only last year that Jackson accused Obama of "acting like he's white" because he didn't comment on the Jena 6 racial scandal. And here he goes using the very word that white slaveholders used to diminish and emasculate black men and women.

Smooth move, Jesse.

It is a godforsaken shame that this man of the cloth just cannot bring himself to practice what he preaches. But hey, that kind of comes with the cloth, doesn't it?

Still, the biggest crime Jackson has committed here is not that he attacked Obama's testicles or even that he went against his own rule of not using that insult of insults.

No, Jesse Jackson's biggest screw-up was that after a lifetime of being in the spotlight, he didn't have the brains or the common sense to know how to behave in a television studio. And that's the straw that breaks the camel's back for Jesse "frogeyes" Jackson.

He is now officially and globally stripped of any dignity he may have had remaining. Not that there was much left.

As the Saccharinist has said in the past, the black community is desperately lacking in a unified leader who instills dignity, cohesion, and pride on a national scale. Jesse Jackson is not that leader.

And neither is Barack Obama -- at least that's what this whole episode has concluded for Obama: that he is not a candidate for African Americans but a candidate for all Americans.

Another score for Obama and the legions of white Americans who might have voted against him because they thought he's the new Malcolm X. Well played indeed.

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