Monday, July 14, 2008

Cover-up: Obama in the New Yorker

The latest issue of the New Yorker has created a minor stir amongst the less than 1% of the American population that even knows this magazine exists.

The cover includes 4 prominently offensive items...

1...a caricature of Obama dressed in that Kenyan attire from that photo he took in Kenya in local clothing which has been called "Muslim" clothing throughout the mainstream press in the United States. I guess Hassidic Jews, Buddhists, Catholic Cardinals, Hindu Gurus and an endless supply of other religious leaders should now be referred to as wearing "Muslim clothing" because they wear flowing robes and bulging headgear.

2...Michelle Obama curiously dressed in military gear and strapped with a Kalashnikov. Not to mention an outrageous depiction of a fro that completely contrasts with her straightened 'do, and shoulder pads circa 1985 which have nothing to do with the tailored and contemporary designs she is regularly seen wearing. American flag burning in their fireplace as both Barack and Michelle Obama stand in the Oval Office giving each other that 'scary' fist handshake that Black people do that scares non-Black people so much, cuz, you know, they all do it and the rest of the world just can't do it without looking very uncool.

4...a framed image of Bush family friend Osama bin Laden. Enough said.

Obviously, the cover is pure propaganda and was published with the intent to profit from some of the lies and misrepresentations that succeed in electing thieves, criminals, and other kinds of Bushes to high office in the United States.

The Ryan Lizza article that the cover image refers to is yet another attempt to discredit Obama's years as a community worker in the Chicago area. In the article, Lizza makes a pathetically bold attempt to make Obama out to be an opportunist, a dangerously goal-oriented individual, and a strategist. Opportunists, goals, and strategies oh my! We certainly wouldn't want such qualities in a President.

George W Bush's draft dodging in Alabama didn't get a fraction of the coverage that Obama's community service has gotten which makes you think: to get elected POTUS it is better to have violated the laws of the land and engaged in criminal activities than to have made an effort toward positive change in one's community.

Thanks for the tip limp Lizza, but we'd already figured that one out.

And as for you, New Yorker, nice try but your magazine is still irrelevant (which is why significant information in Seymour Hersch articles gets published within your pages instead of in the mainstream news where such information would actually affect the voting public of America) and the only thing you've succeeded in doing is filling in air time on Fox News.

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