Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Next Cheney: Website Links McCain to the Devil

As we all know, John McCain has as much chance at the Presidency as a combover on Lake Shore Drive and nothing's helping his odds like the intelligent tactics by the DNC this year. Not content capitulating on this pensioner's age, decrepit looks, or -- more importantly -- his warmongering tendencies, the Democratic National Committee has decided to put it down in plain English exactly how horrifyingly deceitful John McCain really is.

Courtesy of the DNC, there is now a website called "The Next Cheney" which asks Americans to donate to a branch of the DNC that will analyze McCain's choice for the Vice President and "spread the truth" about what the guy is really about. Basically, the DNC is offering to prove exactly how tight the McCain VP is with the George Bushler/Dickless Cheney Klan -- and while McCain's still choosin', this website is devoted to exposing the top known candidates for the job.

Looks like McCain's gonna have to choose a Democrat as his VP because there isn't a single Republican politician out there who isn't soiled by the Bushler presidency AND who would actually be inclined to ticket with McCain.

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