Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Sticks and Carrots": Obama's Iran Plan

Barack Obama is going green with his method to approaching negotiations with Iran.

"If we show ourselves willing to talk and to offer carrots and sticks in order to deal with these pressing problems, and if Iran then rejects any overtures of that sort, it puts us in a stronger position to mobilize the international community to ratchet up the pressure on Iran," Obama said in Israel today.

Which reminds us, why is Iran policy repeatedly and continually dictated on political trips to Israel? Nicolas Sarcrazy has done it. Hitleretta from Germany has done it, Bushler did it.

If Obama wants to set apart his Iran strategy, may be he shouldn't have carried on the long and failed tradition of discussing relations with Iran in the very nation that, second to the US, has been most threatening to Iran.

Sounds like more of the same.

As for the sticks and carrots, apparently it's a (little known) idiom about rewarding good behavior (the carrots) and punishing bad behavior (the sticks). This once again positions the US as an international enforcer or some sort of judge, jury and executioner of the Middle East.

But the US won't get anywhere with Iran until they realize that Iranians don't take orders. Maybe we should send Obama to Tehrangeles for awhile so he can figure out who exactly he's dealing with.

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