Sunday, August 10, 2008

George W. Bushler -- Olympic Chimp

No, folks, this is not a chimp or a bonobo in the crowd -- it's the leader of the greatest superpower in the world...

It is the most global sporting event and every time the Olympics come around everybody talks about sportsmanship, not politics. But everything is politics, friends -- even sports.

Fortunately, the audience at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics had the decency to show their disrespect to George W. Bushler and his coked up wife (or whatever it is in her system that keeps her mouth shut and her hand from choking Georgey's neck).

But the good thing about George W. Bushler is that he's the gift that keeps on giving. Yes, he has no respect for humanity, Yes, he has no respect for international law, but best of all, he also has no respect for himself.

That explains why cameras focusing on the Bushler as he sat in the audience during the opening ceremony repeatedly caught him slouching wide-legged, grimacing like only a Bushler (or an ogre) can and taking regular obvious peeks at his watch (which, in all fairness, he can't really read since it's not digital).

In fact, the only two times he sat at attention -- beaming that "presidential" pose that has fooled many a million Americans -- was when the olympic team from Iraq feebled out onto the track -- waving what was left of their tattered nation's flag, and of course, the USA team -- for whom he troubled an ovation. Not that anyone cared.

C'mon Bushler! Don't strain yourself -- your legacy is irrelevant now, at least give yourself a break from the acting.

Enjoy the Olympics folks -- it's a welcome break from the hideousness of the Wart on Terror and its related horrors...

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